Faunaverse Wildlife in Poetry Tasmania
Alexander & Jane Dudley

Faunaverse Wildlife in Poetry Tasmania

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Perhaps you’re a teacher, a parent, a guide,
with an interest in things that are living outside;
If so we invite you to come take a look,
at the creatures described in this poetry book?
There’s Turbo Chooks, Devils, invertebrates too,
and a really great story about wombat poo!
There’s a small Penguin chick and a very cute feral,
and a bird on a beach whose life is in peril.
There’s something for everyone between the pages,
but reading each poem will not take you ages.
You will learn and you’ll laugh and can even explore!
(There’s links in the back if you want to know more)
If you’re looking for a fun teaching resource,
have a look at this book- then you’ll want it, of course!

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